Is Texas Hold'em for you?

It is undeniable that poker has reached a tremendous popularity nowadays. You can find people all over the world hooked up to different types of poker such as Omaha hold'em and seven card stud. In the United States, the most popular type of poker that is played is Texas Hold'em. To prove its popularity, tournaments of Texas Hold'em poker are being held worldwide. Examples of these tournaments are World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour.

Texas Hold'em is a type of poker that can be played by as few as two players and as many as ten. Some groups even play Texas Hold'em with as much as 22 poker players. To win in Texas Hold'em, you must win the piatto which you and your opponents have bet on. To be able to win the piatto, you must have the best hand. If you do not, you can make others believe that you do have the best hand and then make them fold by raising. When your opponents folded, you can choose to either let them see your cards or not. It is not compulsory that you let them know what you have, and in that way, they will never know if you were just bluffing. However if you do have good cards and what to show them you were not bluffing and instill trust, then let them see your cards, or in poker terms, let them "peek". This way they would trust that you are an honest poker player and now you can use it against them in later rounds.

Texas Hold'em poker has blinds, and they are called the big blinds and the small blinds. The big blind automatically puts the minimum bet and the small blind puts half of it. This is to ensure that the winner will at least get the blinds in case everybody else folds at pre-flop. At every start of the round, poker players are given two cards each. At this point, which is called in Texas Hold'em poker the pre-flop, the players makes his action one by one. You can fold, bet, check, or raise. After the pre-flop comes the flop, or the three community cards, which everybody can use to form the best five card hand. Before the flop is drawn, the dealer "burns" one card by taking one card at the top of the deck and put it aside. At the flop, poker players again take action, then comes the turn, another community card. The dealer burns one again before the turn, and then another before the river or the last community card. Poker players will take actions again at the turn and the river. After the last action, the cards of the poker players are revealed to determine the winner. In case that every poker player folded except one, there is no need to reveal their cards.


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